The following signature programs are ongoing focus activities for DPAC members:


DPAC used a collaborative approach to create a simple and memorable message to increase the general public’s awareness about how to recognize and respond to a natural gas leak.

Detect Dash Dial

Public Awareness Benchmarking Study

DPAC manages a consensus industry standard for local distribution pipeline companies.  The standard outlines a consistent methodology to help gas utilities measure the effectiveness of pipeline public awareness and community safety outreach activities in compliance with 49 CFR 192.616 and American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice 1162, version 1 (API RP 1162).

Periodically, DPAC coordinates benchmark studies to collect and compare membership data related to the effectiveness of pipeline public awareness and community safety outreach programs managed by gas utilities.  Results of the benchmark study are available for members to compare their program to peer programs across the country.

Industry Standards Review Committee

DPAC members are participating in the working group that is currently reviewing and updating the API RP 1162.  The working group also includes regulators, stakeholder representatives, consultants and pipeline companies who operate transmission and gathering lines.

Public Safety Best Practice Roundtables

DPAC conducts monthly best practice roundtables focused on public awareness and community safety outreach from a gas utility pipeline perspective.  Members present plans, procedures, campaigns, collateral and focus on common topics, questions or challenges.

Past Initiatives

• Developed standardized evaluation questions for all public awareness audiences to benchmark and share key program metrics to measure the effectiveness of benchmark and share key performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of public awareness program outreach

• Gained membership to API RP 1162 review board to provide distribution company perspective on Public Awareness.  Influenced industry standard for “near miss” events managed by American Petroleum Institute

• Provided guidance for the 2013 Gas Distribution DIRT report content