Why We Joined DPAC


“[We] joined DPAC for the opportunity to benchmark gas distribution activities and survey results.  Additional benefits received from membership include sharing of best practices and resources, discussing industry strategy, and requesting peer input. Involvement with DPAC has exceeded initial expectation.”


“Although API RP1162 encompasses transmission and distribution pipelines it lacks certain areas for distribution operators and has been more transmission focused. DPAC is a great organization that fills an industry need missing for distribution public awareness and promotes interaction and activities to fulfill ongoing needs that are identified from DPAC members.”


“[We] joined DPAC to ensure our Natural Gas Public Awareness Program was in line with industry by participating in DPAC’s benchmarking opportunity. We also joined since DPAC is an organization specifically for natural gas distribution companies.”


“Sharing best practices on a regular basis with the other DPAC members is invaluable. Having a group of public awareness experts to reach out to with questions about how they run their program has helped us improve our program.”